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What Have You Been Harvesting?


Harvesting by Theophrastos Triantafyilldis c.1930

The kids have descended into school and the the fall season is slowly unfolding.  I feel that I’ve only been able to plow the fields in short bursts, but I’ve already begun to see some of the fruits of my labors.

I’m referring, of course, to my art making process.  Its been slowly increasing after the summer months where I wasn’t able to do much of anything (due to other important things like family and vacation!)  But I’m proud to say that things are beginning to take off.

This season I’ve also been using a new fertilizer.  I’ve been guarding my time.  Meaning- I’ve had to say no to things I normally would say yes to.  But I’ve learned that overcommitment is the kiss of death to creativity.  If only I could stop the guilt from flooding me every time I turn something down!

So what have I been up to?  Let me count the ways:

Banyan Painting In Progress

A painting in progress based on my Banyan Tree Series

1. Paintings In Progress

At the moment I have at least 7 canvases in varying degrees of done-ness scattered around my studio.  Most are based on my Banyan Tree Series, but a few are other explorations and experimentations.  I can’t wait to show them to you when I’m finished!

New work from Art At Dawn

A selection of word painted mirrors, frames, boxes, ornaments, and magnets I’ve developed for upcoming shows and galleries.

2.  Word Painting Items

I began developing word painted ornaments and magnets last year for a few holiday shows and gallery shops.  (Word paintings= words cut out and embedded into the paint.) This year I’m expanding my line to include painted mirrors, frames, bowls, and plaques.  I will be part of a few more holiday shows this year and have just been invited to join a new gallery (all of which I will expand upon and give more specifics in my upcoming newsletter), so I’ve got some stock to build!

Elemental Wisdom Acrylic Painting

I have just created prints and cards based on my painting, Elemental Wisdom, and a few other more recent paintings.

3. More Prints and Cards

I have a few more prints and cards available in my online Selz shop, as well as the upcoming shows and galleries that carry my work.  I’m not sure what has taken me so long to offer them, but I’m glad it’s finally happening!

4. Miscellaneous Odds n’ Ends

  • I have a few exhibits coming up and have applied to a few others.  (again, more specifics will be given in my upcoming newsletter.  Please sign up so you can receive it!)
  • I’ve just begun to take another online web class, so you may see some changes to my website in the next coming weeks/months. (Good ones, I hope!)
  • I may be doing a collaboration with a friend of mine, but we’re just in the talking stage so I can’t expand further at this time.   I’m always striving to find new opportunities and broaden my horizons.

These are the moments I live for as an artist, when momentum has built and creativity is in full throttle.  To be churning out quality work is a bonus, but that often is decided after the fruit has ripened and the reaping has begun.

However, I can feel proud of what I’ve been able to achieve up to this point and look forward to participating in the harvest.

What kinds of projects are you involved in this fall season and what have you been harvesting?

Have a Nurturing and Fruitful Week!

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