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Exploring the Wild, Wild West

Walking in Arches

You may not have even noticed it, but I skipped a week- following a blog post about preparing for a vacation.

You guessed it!— I went on that said vacation, and now I’m back to tell you all about it!

It was a glorious trip out west!  I had no idea it could be so wild and beautiful out there!!  It sent me on a tailspin from which I’ve yet to recover.

Beautiful Breckenridge, CO

Beautiful Breckenridge, CO

We flew into Denver, CO (to save on 5 days of travel there and back from Ohio!) and picked up our rental van.  Then it was off to Breckenridge, CO to spend a few days hiking and exploring that picturesque resort town.  From there we drove to Leadville, CO where we took a 2 1/2 hour train ride through the Rocky Mountains.

Train through Rocky Mountains

A train ride through the majestic Rocky Mountains

We drove on and set up shop in Moab, Utah, close to Arches National Park and Canyonlands Natiional Park.  Both absolutely, stunningly spectacular!

Hiking through Arches

My husband and son hiking up to one of the many erosion-made rock formations at Arches National Park

Majestic Canyonlands

The Magnificent Canyonlands

I could have stayed a week (who am I kidding, a month!) out there- but we had more to see, so we drove back through Colorado to Mesa Verde National Park, where the ancient ruins of the cliff dwelling Pueblo Indians are located.  Truly Awe-inspiring!!

Mesa Verde National Park

The ruins of the Cliff Dwelling Pueblo Indians at Mesa Verde National Park

From there we drove into New Mexico.  My husband was due to give a talk at a conference in Santa Fe.  This had given us the excuse to go out west in the first place.  So onward and upward we went! (The elevation of Santa Fe is 7,260 ft. above sea level.)

I could live there!  The city was saturated in history, culture, and art.  Art everywhere you turned!  The next chance I get, I’m going back!

Drawing Inspiration at the Geogia O'Keefe Museum

My son and daughter drawing inspiration from the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe

Reluctantly, we headed back North to catch a plane back in Denver.  But before we left, we were able to spend a night in Colorado Springs, and meet up with one of my sisters.  It was a short but rambunctious family reunion with my 3 kids and her 4!

Then it was a few quick stops to see The Garden of the Gods and the famous Broadmoor Hotel before dropping off our well-driven van (that had become a complete pigsty!) and heading home.

View of Garden of the Gods

View of the amazing rock formations at Garden of the Gods

Well, I’m home, but I still feel as if I’m halfway between there and here.  The past few days I’ve been dreaming of the places I visited juxtaposed with visions of home.  I wake up wondering where I am and what time it is.

I’m a little disjointed, but it’s not an unwelcome feeling.  It means I’ve successfully lost myself to another place and gleaned inspiration from it.  I plan to explore that inspiration more next week as I peel back more of the layers from our extraordinary trip.  Please join me.

In the meantime, Have a Gloriously Wondrous Week!

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