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The Wonderful World of Kids’ Creativity

Two kids painting

As long as there are kids roaming the earth, there will be creativity- I’m convinced of it!

Sure, they spend too much time on their computers and electronics.  (my kids included!)  Every generation is accused of something.  Mine was watching too much television and playing too many Atari games (although I, always the nonconformist, was accused of reading too much.  Imagine that!).

But, as long as kids still play and are allowed the freedom of their own creativity, I think they’ll turn out just fine!

Case in point, the other day I hosted the first of a series of art camps for my daughter and a few of her friends.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew my daughter would dig it so I hoped the others would, too.

I was blown away!

Kid's drawing of bono drums

One little guy decorated his portfolio with bongo drums. I love it!!

The kids were so excited.  One little boy told me he’d been looking forward to this all week.  Another sweet child told me it was her most favorite camp.  (and summer has just started so she hasn’t been to any other camps yet!)  How can you not adore these kids and their enthusiasm?!

I wasn’t sure how my still life of various toys and stuffed animals would go over. Would it overwhelm the kids?  Would they feel like they’d have to draw each object perfectly?  (I remember how dismayed my high school art teacher was after she set one up and we all tried to squeeze each object onto our paper, making it look like a cluttered mess!)

Kids using viewfinders

The kids loved using viewfinders to concentrate on their favorite areas in the still life

Again, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  One little girl even said, “Do we have to draw it all?  I just want to draw ___.”


I gave the kids cardboard viewfinders so that they could focus on the areas they wanted to render.  They thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread!

What a glorious afternoon!  We got messy experimenting with different materials and discovering new ways to paint.  We used our imaginations.

Best of all, they got it!  They instinctively knew that art is fun and doesn’t have to be taken so seriously.  They didn’t have to be told that trees don’t have to be green and the sky isn’t always blue, they already knew!!

Red Kid's Handprints

The kids leave a wake of handprints to be made into keepsake Father’s Day cards next week.

I have now found my new muse.  I didn’t have to go looking in a gallery or a book.  I didn’t have to travel to find it.  My Art Camp Kiddos have shown me what creativity is at it’s very core.

Thanks, kids!  You guys are an inspiration!

I hope the rest of you have a wonderful, messy, creative week!

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