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The Value of Persistence

Quote on persistence by Rasheed OgunlaruWhen I was in my early 20s, I lived in London.  My husband and I were newly married and were there for a 2 year stint while he pursued a Post-Doctorate.  I had a work visa stamped in my passport and was fully expecting to find a job in my field of art.

Boy, was I wrong!

At first, I was pretty selective.  I had a chip on my shoulder being a fresh graduate of an art college in the states.  It turned out that no one across the pond had ever heard of The Cleveland Institute of Art, and, (I would soon find out), no one cared!

After several months of failed attempts to chase down the few leads that I deemed “worthy of my expertise”, I finally swallowed my pride and began to apply to anything that I could get my hands on.

All this was taking a toll on my self-esteem, as well as our bank account.  My husband asked gingerly if, perhaps, we should just move back to the States- but I was determined to make it work.

The breakthrough came when I walked up and down Oxford Street (a shopping district in central London) and collected job applications from every store.  I had hit rock bottom and didn’t think I had a chance, but 2 weeks later the main office of a large bookseller chain called and offered me a job.  It wasn’t in my field, but it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened because it gave us an extra income with great benefits, and I received many great opportunities by being a book seller in one of the greatest book publishing capitals of the world!

I am a persistent being.

It may look more like stubbornness at times, but it has served me well.  Life hasn’t always been easy but it has been fulfilling, a life that I’m proud of.  The 3 main reasons I can attribute this to is my faith in God, my wonderful circle of family and friends, and my own persistence.

That being said, it is not something I can take for granted.  It is something that I must always work on.


By being diligent.

By putting my head down and getting back to work in the face of constant distractions in life.

By saying no to some things and yes to others.

By sticking to my schedule.

Quote by Bryant H. McGillBy stubbornly adhering to my protocols  (i.e.: putting out this blog every week and a newsletter each month).

By taking small steps that gradually lead me to bigger ones, and picking myself up if I’ve stumbled.

Does it always work?  No.

But it is one of my core values and what motivates me to keep following my dreams.

For more thoughts and musings on the value of persistence, please sign up for my upcoming newsletter here.  I will be delving into the subject even further and examining how others view the value of persistence.  I’ll also report on upcoming events and reveal some fresh new ideas that will need a little persistence to get them going!

Have a great, productive week full of small steps which will grow into larger ones toward your own dreams!

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