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Progress Report

Studio Wall

Wall of my studio. I love being greeted by my work every day!

Awhile ago I wrote about the word ‘resolve’.  This was back when I was doing my 365 Project, a daily sketch + journaling about a word or phrase.

That word kept popping up periodically at times when I was re-evaluating myself, my goals, and where I thought I was heading.

Guess what?  That word is popping up again.  This time it’s making me evaluate what I accomplished so far this year and where I want to be going.

Back in January I filled out a Goals and Intentions Kit for 2014.  I set up some goals for myself and even went so far as to write about them so that I’d be more likely to stay on track.  I said that I’d be evaluating myself periodically and giving you updates on my progress.

The time has come.

The following is some of the clumps of goals I set out for myself and where I’ve gone with them.  I’ve also gone ahead and given myself letter grades for them.  A little silly, I know, but I’m a visual person and that’s what it takes!  Here goes:

1.  Social Marketing- A

I’ve developed a newsletter, hired a friend to start helping me with my website (Have you noticed my new Art At Dawn header?  That’s all thanks to Sherri!), Got an ad placed on a local News Channel 6 website with a video created if someone clicks on the link.  (Which I’ve also placed on the home page of my website).

I’ve also tried to keep a regular dialogue and updates going on my Art at Dawn Facebook page and have just opened an Instagram account but haven’t done anything with it, yet. (But I will, soon!)

Not bad, grasshopper!

Goals and Intentions Binder

My goals are written, I just need to implement them!

2.  Organization- C

The good– keeping my bookkeeping and quickbooks somewhat in order.  I have a decent weekly calendar and goal keeping system.

The not so good– my stuff is mostly in files, somewhat filed where they should be, and everything needs to be alphabetized.

The ugly– my computer files have no order to them, my art and supplies haven’t been catalogued, and I need to find a better system for keeping my to-dos and inspiration.

I need a clone!  (an organized one!)

3. Studio- A+

When I walk into my studio, it never ceases to make me happy!  I’ve been able to procure some new tables (thanks to Craigslist and my friend, Teresa, who made sure I was safe when we fetched them from a stranger and helped me haul them up to my studio!), some new organizers, and had a very successful open house.

I still have yet to get a sink area and a few more bits of furniture, but I feel comfortable with what I have so far.  I love my studio!

Side Note:  If you are in the Columbus, OH area or just passing through, I welcome you to stop on by (with advanced warning, please!) to take a look at my studio and work in progress.  Contact me through my website or Facebook page so we can work out the details.

4. Personal Goals- B

I’ve managed to read a bit more, but my goal of 2 books a month was a bit lofty.  I trained for, and finished, my 1/2 marathon!  But I still could use work in making time for myself and getting out there to meet other artists.

I am a work in progress!

5. House Goals- D

I’ve managed to keep the house relatively clean and replace burnt out lightbulbs (i.e. the essentials).  However, those bigger goals of moving my sons into their own rooms and painting our hallway have yet to happen.  My house could also stand a little de-cluttering and updating.

Usually, by this time in the life of our home, we are getting ready to move so those above things happen naturally.  Not this time!  I think the trick is to treat our house as if we were getting ready to move but then enjoy the updates and improvements ourselves.

What a novel idea!

A Fistful of Brushes in front of painting

A fistful of brushes used to create my painting. I always wish I had more time to create, but I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Of course, I never mentioned my artwork, the core of my goals and the reason I have this business in the first place!  I’ve been plugging along with it.  Not always as much as I’d like.  But I feel as if I’ve begun to find my voice in my work and it’s very exciting!

Next week I’d like to explore some insights into my work- so stay tuned!

I’m looking forward to a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend.  My daughter is having her 1st Communion at our church so it will be full of family and fun!

Have a Wonderful Week and Give the Moms in your life lots of love!



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