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This is Life

The labelled door

A few years ago one of the kids got ahold of the labeler and went to town labelling all the rooms and large objects in our house. I hope this one never gets taken down!


We are about to enter another ‘Transition Year’.  Next fall I will officially have a high-schooler, middle-schooler, and, thankfully, one still in elementary school.

All this makes me wonder where the time has gone, and also, how can I hold on to the time I have left with them here at home?

It has also made me very grateful for the moment.  Grateful for the mess and chaos, (if you would believe it?) because someday my kids will be gone and the house will be a lot quieter.  I’ll miss that mess and chaos.

So last Saturday I decided to document my home and how my family occupies it.  Wanna see?


Relaxing with iPod

My soon-to-be high schooler relaxing in his favorite chair while plugged into his iPod


Boy on Computer

My soon-to-be middle schooler playing his favorite computer game, Mindcraft


These pictures reveal my kids in their natural states if left alone— connected to their electronics!


Kitchen Window Treasures

Our Kitchen Window holds little treasures from various trips we’ve taken (and a funny little bird that one of the kids made)    


Toys lining a shelf

Treasures of a different sort line a shelf in the kids’ playroom.


Kids artwork going up the stairs

One of the kids haphazardly taped their artwork going up the stairs but I’ve never had the heart to change it!


Shoe Area

The shoe landing site next to the bin that is supposed to contain them!


This last picture gives me a little lump in my throat when I realize that those shoes, coats, and backpacks that get dumped on the floor after school won’t always be there.  I need to remember that the next time I get exasperated by all the mess!

This is life.  It’s a good life and I feel very, very blessed!

What are your blessings?  What will you be remembering fondly years from now?

Have a Wonderful Week!

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  1. What a wonderful post, Dawn!! You gave me a lump in my throat too. Wonderful snapshots of daily life. My kids love to tape stuff up on their walls too.
    Lately I worry about what their relationship will be like when they get to be high school or middle school age. Will they still play together? Doubting. Soaking up this time when they play together so wonderfully!

    May 2, 2014
    • Thanks, Wendy! The kids’ relationships with each other ebbs and flows as with anything else. They do a lot more activities on their own but then they’ll surprise you. Like they did yesterday when I found all three of them doing “Just Dance” together! When they are at each others throats I like to tell them that friends come and go but your siblings will always be there. They don’t always like to hear it but hopefully they’ll remember!

      May 2, 2014

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