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Evolution of a Painting- After The Storm

A Fistful of Brushes in front of painting

A fistful of brushes used to create the painting, After the Storm. Notice my makeshift hand warmer!

If you had followed me from my previous blog*, you’d recognize that every so often I reveal these evolutions in hopes of explaining how I got from point A to point Z.

Often these evolutions have to pass through several transformations before they get to the final piece. (And sometimes the final piece isn’t even the end of it!)  But each stage is important and necessary to push me forward to the next.

This particular series of artwork started as a sketch from my 365 project over a year ago.  (A year-long project where I created a daily sketch based from a word or phrase that was relevant that day, and then journaled about it.)

Sketch entitled "Things Are Falling Into Place"

A sketch from my 365 Project entitled, Things are falling into place

The sketch above from August 2012, titled Things are falling into place, sparked the flames of my latest painting.  It illustrated discovering comfort in my artistic skin and celebrated the significance of finding footing in my artwork.  The drawing wove many elements that I had been playing around with- the composition of circles within squares and forms wrapping themselves within each other.  They were very subjective ideas but were finally coming together, just as the title suggested.  This induced me to create a painting based on those conncepts.

Acrylic Painting entitled, "Things Are Falling Into Place II"

Things Are Falling Into Place II- 12″x12″- Acrylic

The result is a small painting, only 12″x12″, but it captures many of those feelings and ideas gleaned from the original sketch.  The colors are vivid, yet harmonious and weave through and around each other.  To this day, it remains one of my favorite paintings from the past few years.

I could have wiped my hands clean and put those ideas to rest.  But they still provoked me, like an itch that wouldn’t go away- inducing me to work on a larger scale and further investigate them.

Acrylic Painting entitled, "After The Storm"

After The Storm- 30″x30″- Acrylic

This culminated into a large 30″x 30″ acrylic.  Whereas my smaller painting was based on emotion and releasing my ideas onto the canvas before they vanished, this time the painting felt much more deliberate.  I had already proven myself with the first painting so now I could take my time and let the ideas flow through me.

Detail of "After the Storm"

Detail from the painting, After The Storm. A very textural painting with objects incorporated including coins and string!

The painting is rich with texture that I developed within the base coat of the painting.  Included are hidden nuances of small coins and string.  It’s a very tactile painting and once I seal it, I plan to encourage others to touch it if they wish.  (Which I’m sure will go against the grain of any person who frequents art museums with their warning buzzers!)

The title had been eluding me.  I could have called it, Things are falling into place II, but that didn’t seem right.  So I posted a picture of the painting in progress on my Art At Dawn Facebook Page, and asked others their opinion.

Facebook to the rescue! My good friend, Rose, wrote in her daughter’s response – Storm.  Great answer!  I tweaked it a little to become After The Storm.  This seems fitting on many levels.  1. I am reminded of swirls of oil in puddles after a heavy rain, 2. The storm of producing my smaller painting in a creative frenzy, 3. As my friend, Jenny, noted- After the storm, things are falling into place!

I hope this piece gives you some insight into the evolution of my paintings.  I’ve benefited as well.  Writing about them has clarified many of my own thoughts and ideas surrounding them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about them, as well.  Art is at its best when it is shared!

I’m wishing you a very sunny, Art-filled Week!

*My juicy secret to why I had to discontinue my previous blog will soon be revealed in a newsletter that I will be sending out in a week or so.  Please sign up to receive all the dirt + a behind the scenes look at my studio and art, upcoming events, and other fun tidbits and stuff from me. I promise that it will be a little ray of sunshine in your inbox and something to look forward to each month.

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  1. LOVE this piece. (After the Storm). Keep painting!!! 🙂

    March 18, 2014
    • Thank You! It’s friends like you that keep me going!:)

      March 18, 2014

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