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How To Get Back In The Saddle Again

Ebb and Flow Drawing

A drawing in my sketchbook entitled Ebb and Flow. A constant theme in life- we need the ebbs to ride the flows.

Gosh, it’s been awhile.  That’s life, isn’t it?  Christmas, New Year, gatherings of family and friends, a few illnesses and holiday colds, and a trip to DisneyWorld thrown in.  All of a sudden it’s been 2+ weeks of suspended animation from ‘normal’ daily activities.

I’ve had a good break but I’m ready to get back in the saddle again with my art business, Art At Dawn.  I’m starting a fresh chapter and am hoping to create systems and form habits that will carry me through the year.

So what does that mean to me?  Where do I begin?

1. Cleaning

First things first.  There are still a few files left out from last year and bookkeeping to get caught up with.  I actually took an e-course a month ago called Organizing Your Art Biz with Alyson Stanfield.  It was filled invaluable resources but I was only able to implement a fraction of all her wonderful organizational wisdom.  Time to get to work!

2. Resolving

I feel the need to make new resolves and goals for myself.  This is easier said then done.

Goals and Intentions Worksheets from Jessica Swift

2014 Goals and Intentions worksheets from Jessica Swift. Notice that I chose ‘Diligence’ as my word for 2014. What’s yours?

Jessica Swift to the rescue!  This inspiring artist just came out with a handy and colorful goals and intentions kit for 2014 (with monthly checklists and quarterly reviews).  Just what my right brain needs!

3. Prioritizing

Once I have these goals in place I’ll need to start organizing them and laying out the blueprint of how they will be carried out.

In Allyson Stanfield’s course she introduced us to Asana.  A online task making tool.  It’ll take time to write out all my goals and tasks but once they are laid out then bit by bit things will become much more streamlined and systematic.  That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

4. Being Gentle

My instinct is to push forward like a racehorse thats just been let out of his starting gate.  I often find, though, that this way of beginning leads to confusion and spreading myself too thin.

Sense of Purpose QuoteI want to be purposeful this year and kind to myself.  I want to have my goals and systems in place so that I can work intentionally and then be fully present for my friends and family when my work day is over.

Welcome 2014.  Glad to make your acquaintance.  This could be the start of a beautiful friendship  year!

What are some of your goals and intentions this year?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

Have A Wonderful, Goal- Driven Week!

PS– Please tune in next week when I’ll have actually gotten on the saddle and will share some of my goals and intentions for 2014!

PPS– Check out this blogpost from my good friend, Amy, about my fun visit to Tallahassee, FL last November.  Beware of my head on a swivel in a .gif at the end of her post!:)

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