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My Family

Old Family Pictures

Many Generations of My Family

I’ve been hearing a lot of great thankful lists on Facebook.  Most include thanking friends and family.  Of course I’ll always ‘like’ those posts because I always agree.  I am biased of course, but I have the most wonderful friends and family!

What makes so wonderful is that they are not necessarily just like me.  They come in all shapes and sizes and have beautiful minds of their own.  We don’t always agree on everything but as long as we agree to disagree, everyone gets along!

This time of year is when family comes more into the surface.  Family members that I haven’t talked to in weeks and months suddenly call and ask what plans are for the holidays.  Everyone wants to connect.

Of course, not all of us will be able to connect.  Especially my family with its twisted branches jutting out from large Catholic families, divorces, and remarriages.  My husband is still trying to piece it all together after 18 years of marriage- sometimes I have difficulty myself!

I should mention that he, too, has a sprawling family.  They are more centrally located but have grown and multiplied over the generations.

Our extended family represent a beautiful mosaic of people in all walks of life.

We are mostly Catholics but also Protestants, Baptists, and Agnostics.

We originate mostly from Germany but also Italy, Luxemberg, Austria, Italy, Korea, and a pinch of American Indian.

We are professors, lawyers, bus drivers, artists, bankers, tanners, writers, priests, soldiers, waitresses, air traffic controllers, farmers, teachers- with a (quite distant) Princess and Pope thrown in!

We live in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New York.

This Thanksgiving many of us will get together in various homes all over the United States.  May we all have a safe and happy celebration, giving thanks to the bloodline that binds and keeps us together.

May all of you enjoy your celebrations surrounded by your loved ones.

Have a Wonderful Week!

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